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Otus Wise

We create pop culture reference apparel and digital media using an owl name Otus. Welcome to the house of the Wise Guy – the official site of the fictional character Otus Wise and Frenemies.

Slogan: “You Owe Me!”

We create apparel.

  • T-Shirt Brand
  • Designed and Produced by fans of Hip-Hop and Pop Culture
  • Character-Driven
  • Inspired by the 90s
  • Unisex Made, Lead by a Woman
  • Based in Los Angeles

We produce digital media.

Our #1 goal is to produce entertaining and thought-provoking stories. The Diaries is our first series and an ongoing project featuring Otus Wise and Frenemies. It is our interpretation of major events that impact our lives. A fan of 90s everything, especially hip-hop, we juxtapose characters and their stories, with our favorite music, films, comics, video games, and social movements.

The Otus Wise diaries are available now FREE as a gift from us! Visit our downloads page. The Sandy Foxx diaries will be delivered electronically with theme-related purchases. Limited copies available and once they are gone, they are gone for good! Shop Now!