Underworld (Entry #6)

Underworld: Rise of the Madayah

“New world order makes the clan rise high.

The shadow tips us to draw for rank.

Knuckleheads sweat for stolen goods, why?

Bacteria washed up at the port of the hood banks.

Dark forces sift through crevices and wastes.” –Otus Wise

Saber-Toothed Tigers spearheaded the slave trade in Calla Lillian. Roman Ivy raised his fist to Jahmai, vowing to break free, and karma against the highest. How? Ivy witnessed an unraveling and severed the thread between Sabers and Juvenicia.

Pretty Clever!

Tigers did not carry the miracle gene. They couldn’t heal or regenerate. For a long time, Saber body rejected the Tonic. Stronger dosages enhanced their growth spurt. The only group to do so in Juvenicia.

There were seven blood types in the Calla Lillian Kingdom–within each animal group: X, Y, XY, A, O, A+ and AY. All “AY” blood types rejected the tonic. The tonic allowed critters to stand upright, gain healing powers, or both. “O” blood accepted various forms of the Juvi Tonic. Gina Catt was one of the very few to have “O” blood.

Sabers were shunned and mocked for their lack of talents. Ancient leaders denounced them and wanted to vote them out of the tribe. The Tigers IQs were lesser than other clan members. Mother Nature obviously had other plans.

To remain a Juvenicia and avoid General Population they used the force of Leviathan to bully. Lava Kujo, head of the Sabers struck a deal with the Black Panthers to destroy any critters who bucked against their kin and its principalities. In return, Lava asked to capture the lesser creatures as a pastime, and that his sons and grandsons granted permission to attend Preparatory School.


Unfortunately, Saber respect amongst Juvenicia remained ground-level. Brute force was ghetto and shallow. Ona Catt passed a law citing slavery to only last for six years per chattel. Loopholes and disrespect reigned supreme–Sabers held subordinates in bondage longer, some ten, others twenty years at a time. Determined to prove they deserved respect and clout as the rest of Juvenicia.


Roman’s escape afforded him the opportunity to devise a plan. He built a civic in his backyard. Rarely did critters travel to the Western Bowels. As a result, Roman managed to stay under the radar.

The Tiger’s desperation for attention was Roman’s best advantage. Juvenicia’s segregated social class distracted their focus away from the rise of an adversary.

The One.

It only takes one to convince a dozen, so on, and so forth. Sabers were stupid to allow Roman to manipulate them into turning against their own. Gullible for trusting the one they enslaved.

Roman sent a gram via Archer Hoar asking Sabers to meet him at the tip of Ropherland–during the night when all were asleep. Roman said:

“I come back to you in peace. All is forgiven. I know a way for you to be the dominant critter of Juvenicia, throughout the entire Kingdom of Jahmai. Together, you and I will rule this land. There’s enough for us both to chew on. What do you say?”

The Sabers were chomping at the bit. All brawn and no brain. The Kujo family, rejected Roman’s plan, refusing to take orders from a minority. To this day, no one knows of the Kujo’s whereabouts. Let’s just assume all dead.

Slowly, the Saber-Toothed Tigers AWOL’d from Juvenicia. It alarmed Ona Catt to issue a search lead by the Aquilas quietly, but their discovery to no avail. The Sabers agreed to enlist into the Ivy Android program to be transformed into something deadlier and more powerful. What they didn’t know was their memory would be erased, their past nonexistent, their freedom denied, and they would respond only to the command of Roman Ivy. The Tiger’s demise was as a result of their ignorance.

The truce lies within, not beyond the bounds.

To be continued.


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