Section 93 (Entry #7)

HiiPower: Section 93

“Kick in the door waving the wavin the 44.

In fear, you start to cry, ask why?

There’s a hex on our future, the pigs get richer.

Did Roman anticipate to overthrow an ancient system?

The Hoar compulsively blitz the butterfly, breaking marbles floors

Is it time to bury a brother, a victim of an organism? –Otus Wise

Archer Hoar and three Madayah visited our home.


Hoar provided little information, that is, he was looking for my father’s briefcase. He asked if it burned in the fire.

Apparently, probably along with Dad’s corpse nine months ago.

Hoar spelled out his words in each sentence at mom like she was bird-brained. Mom’s tried to show Hoar and his posse to the front door politely but Archer directed the Madayah to trash the place. He said:

Shake this place down. Search these two and anyone else in here. Go!

The Madayah ransacked the place. Their speed and force created a sonic boom that desecrated our apartment.

One Madayah dragged my brother, Frederick and his backpack out of our room. In front of Mom and me, Madayah forced my brother down to his knees with blades to his chin. My mom tried to defend him.

He’s just a boy.

Archer raised his hand at mom. She immediately hushed her fuss. Glad my sister was at a community outreach. The Madayah searched through Frederick’s bag and retrieved a bulk of papers with untranslated scientific formulas and outlines of unrecognizable soldier prototypes. Archer grabbed the papers and towered over Frederick. He said:

Why do you have these?

My brother looked at me for some rescue mission. I was honestly more interested in Frederick’s answer to the question than conjuring up a lie to save him. I turned to mom for answers.

Frederick didn’t take his eyes off of mom and me until Archer snatched Frederick’s hat off of his head and slapped him in the face with it. Mom’s gasped out loud.

Archer: Did you steal these?

Frederick: No, I swear. My dad asked me to hold them days before the fire. I never looked at ’em.

Archer: Hogwash! Sylvester would never ask a child to hold classified documents.

How could Archer determine the validity of my brother’s words? Dad’s not here to confirm; Hoar’s Q&A was ridiculous. Unfortunately for Frederick, interrogation was to continue elsewhere.

Madayah escorted Frederick out of the apartment. Mom’s followed. She pleaded with my brother not to resist. Frederick looked back at me; I was still on the inside in the bay window staring back at him. Frederick shook his head. At the time, I didn’t understand the hurt on his face. What was I supposed to do? What’s he ever done for me?

The Madayah launched in the air with Frederick in tow. Hoar entered a black stretched, armored vehicle–it sped off. Mom’s stayed out front until Frederick out of sight.

To be continued.


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