Roman’s Revenge (Entry #5)

“Pressure breaks barriers.

History, the champion of a repeat.

Two strong-willed redemptive carriers reaped.

They battle for the people unto believers.

Opportunity presented herself to chaos,

She won’t rest until they face off.” –Otus Wise

The Madayah in the east left the rest of us unprotected. The commotion was the crime committed on Pigs Pen Avenue. Straightaway, the aftermath sparked a ton of conversation and debate on Roman’s swift reaction. Lockdown! So glad Mom’s was able to get us living quarters in the Upper Crest.


We didn’t have to deal with said iniquities of the Pigs Pen. Parties, excessive hydrocarbon booze, and Beastie intercourse with integrated critters galore–an abomination to Mother Nature. Escorts patrolled streets half-dressed for cabbage. Crooks jumped, and punks got beat down nonetheless. Gangstas of Pigs Pen hustled hardcore.

Roman tricked optimism into Gershon, gassed us up, independence he promised, only to turn the dolorous loose to claw up, against one another.

Survive or Die!

What’s odd, Madayah absentee in Gershonian ghettos since day one? Critters soaked in liberation–guiltless of moral failure. Juvenicia established the bar high. It was a duty for critters to live in discipline and unity, back in the day. Roman’s Reconstruction devised a new way of labor to replace the barter system. The new, new of Gershon felt like a bender–

Out of control.

Food, supplies, and financial support provided by the Ivy Municipal Group to most in ghettos (not fair)–in return critters worked various bottom-feeding jobs, such as waste pickup, and domestic services for the upper echelon. Promises made to the illegitimate–cared for until death.

Families accustomed to the old system found it difficult to adjust to the end of Calla Lillian. Many tried to convince others to fight for the continuation of trade, but the determination of opportunity suffocated the old fashioned–leeway burned them up with sensation. Economic autonomy was carte blanche. There were two choices: keep up with contemporary science or succumb to barrenness.

A Curfew…

…How conveniently hypocritical. Roman redressed Calla Lillian’s community ownership, he rejected moreover and called his ideologies private enterprise. Roman impoverished us with obsessive distractions; we forgot how good we once had it. Greed faithfully disappointed the greedy. Critters slipped into poverty, sicknesses, and disadvantages that were unrehearsed and ill-considered.

Instead of rising, we blamed each other. A growing number of citizens chanted against Juvenicia. They’re not even here to defend themselves. Geesh. Critters now claim Juvenicia was a disadvantage to progression. Calla Lillian’s the reason why some were incapable of gaining without barter today. No way was it Roman’s fault for dangling the golden carrot over us–Right!

His intentions for atonement were for his kind. Only! He used us.

Competition is mad.

We want what we can’t have.

To be continued.


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