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Origin Story

Where is Otus Wise from?

Once upon a time in an exotic terrestrial place, creatures from various backgrounds cohabitated in a forest name Calla Lillian. Formerly known as the Indigenous Calla Lilly Beasts of the Wild, these mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects formulated a barter and trade system known as the Inhabitant Traders Trust. Deals consist of goods and services, such as food, water, and materials for shelter. For centuries families thrived, and the population grew swiftly.

Mother Nature’s perfection suddenly fell prey to corruption and greed, when a clan of pigs known as the Municipal Ivy revolted against the barter system and formed a capitalist structure. The pigs and its allies confiscated the means of production from individual family units and a new regime formulated called Cash for Crops. The Municipal Ivy’s split the forest in half and developed the City of Gershon more industrial and productive than its sister forest Calla Lillian, which forced families to abandon the entrepreneurial wildlife for a mundane wage laboring existence to survive. A social class structure flourished with the pigs at the top of the hierarchy and the rest, crabs in a barrell.

A civil war erupted between government officials and the citizens of Gershon. Critters chanted destructive slurs and tossed objects at the Madayah (Android soldiers) and government leaders. Then something happened that would echo, incorrectly, through the archives of history forever. A critter took his sling, and with a well-trained aim threw a stone, which struck one of the Madayah’s forehead, and, as the Android fell, his weapon discharged. The Madayah thought there had been a command to fire, and they began firing on the crowd.

Of the many tales written in antiquity, personal diaries came accepted as part of the Gershonian doctrine. While Otus Wise narrates a story about a fallen kingdom in Calla Lillian, he also reflects the growing tensions between the critters and the rise of a Gershonian dictator. Otus Wise and friends Bat, Key-Wee, and Preemie attempt escape from the corruption and misconduct in their new hometown. Gershon is known as the House of Horrors. Will the critters break from the corrupt regime?