Nightmare On Upper Crest (Entry #4)


“Props to the famous ones.

Monsters storm in and wake fearful sons.

The Upper Crest is a security plus.

Attackers can’t outrun Madayah.

In Gershon, no one’s safe.” –Otus Wise


Roman Ivy is the boss mastermind on Jahmai. He’s super famous now from the success of capsizing a nation that reigned forever. How did he get his hands on the Juvi Tonic? Boars and Pigs crawled. For so long they seemed content with it.

Gershon! Bizarre seeing them govern, operating businesses, living in deluxe regions, driving! The hogs on the hill in-charge. Holy cow!

Pigs have an eery sadistic look–as if they ate critters for dinner. I heard from the Maned Wolf, Mato, who heard from a squirrel named Bat, who heard from another wolf that wears a black bandana, who heard from his girlfriend Sandy, that Pigs cook birds for supper. Yikes! My older brother teased me before bed:

“Sleep tight, don’t let the piglets bite! LMFAOOOO!”

I miss my daddy!

Freaked out now. Terrified! Scared to look under my bed. Gargoyle could be hiding out. In my dreams, I heard growls and howls. My nightmares were of critters running from a gigantic monster named Harry Kong on Cavia Porcellus Island. He swallowed dupes whole.

I was losing my wits.

Gershon felt like Fright Night back in Calla Lillian, when the seasons changed. Winter exposed the unseen, while summer disguised freaks in shrubs. On Fright Night, Rophers dressed in mushroom costumes and chased little ones all the way home. They did this year after year until Juvenicia banned them from coming into General Population or any other upper region; some exiled to Cavia Porcellus for extreme behavior.

As of late, I imagined Rophers jumping out of trash dumps or bushes or hiding in my closet waiting for me to open the door to spook me and make me wet myself.

One wolf moon night, I stared at my brother across the room; he could sleep through war if you let him. I jumped out of bed and went into the family room. It was the most peaceful place. Mom must’ve stayed up. She stared out the glass front. I wondered if mom’s thinking about dad? Maybe she’s missing her dear friend Ona Catt.

What it’s like to have a best friend? Friendships seemed to be overrated; worrying about the wellbeing of others outside of family felt like an assignment.

I startled mom. She’d been crying.

Mom: Whatta you doing up?

Me: Can’t sleep.

Mom: Having nightmares again?

Me: Um. You okay?

Mom: Uh huh… Come here sweet pea.

Mom’s wrapped her arm around me. She forced a weak smile, then busied herself with making sure I was okay. A grin radiated across my face at her to confirm hope.

The black clouds darkened the room, and the streets were stark. I hate Gershon! I hate it!

Abruptly, the screams I’d heard in my sleep emanated. Madayah knocked on doors and demanded us to stay inside–

Mom’s spoke softly:

Of course! Where could we possibly go in the middle of night?

The Madayah on my block abandoned post, headed east.

What happened?

To be continued.


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