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Ever heard of an owl that didn’t know how to fly, so he rode a skateboard instead?


Otus Wise is a character-driven and short story platform. Otus pokes fun at pop culture, narrates fresh content published in a blog-style format, and sells limited quantity apparel like a boutique.

What started as a simple line art design of an Otus Owl, transpired over time into character concepts developed by Tiffany, Jahmal, and Clarence. We thought the simplest way to begin, was via t-shirt designs. We assumed it would be easier. We soon learned the Otus Wise brand was incomplete without the characters and their stories.


As a mascot, we wanted something that represents what we strive to achieve – wisdom. Experience is the best teacher of wisdom but on the path to gaining more wisdom things can get messy and unpredictable. The owl is a symbolic connection with wisdom and an ability to see what others cannot see in dark places.

The owl is a distinctive bird that comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Otus Wise is a Scops owl. Scops belong to the Otus class. There are 45 living species, with new owls being identified or re-identified every few years. The Scops owls are active at night and introverted. They are considered the underdog because of their small size. For this reason, Scops have developed some physical and social adaptations that help them blend into their environment, remaining overlooked by the competitor. Scops Owls are restricted to the Old World – with most of them living in Africa and southern Europe.


The name Otus Wise was Jahmal’s idea, and named after Tiffany’s father Otis Silver, who is known for his love for music, his words of wisdom, and his pain of losing loved ones. Otis lost his parents at a young age, his brothers in his early adult life, and later on his wife in 2007. His personality is a juxtaposition between his pain, propaganda, and wise antics and schemes to seek attention from anyone willing to give him some. Everyone has this person in their family…the one that you try to save your visiting friends from because they will be kidnapped in conversation and you’re scared they may not return again for fear of having to listen to this person go on-and-on about… The Otus Wise character is a reflection of Otis Silver, the man, and we hope to evolve this character as our ideas continue to expand.